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What’s This Blog About?

So, on the right hand side of your screen you see an Author’s Box telling you who I am.  Now you may want to know why you should read this blog.  What’s in it for you?

Internet Marketing Answers and Details

My biggest pet peeve about the Internet Marketing business is that when you wade through all of the crap you never really get to see a real world example of what can be done in a specific time frame.

You see “Make $5,000 a month from xyz method”, but you don’t see how long the business had to build up until that monthly income started coming in.  You may even see “Find Out How I Earned over $20,000 in 30 days”,  but you won’t get the details of how long it took to build the list that a product was pitched to that earned them that money.

An Inside Look

I started this blog with the purpose of exposing the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of making money online. I have had successes and failures and above all I have learned a ton of valuable lessons in this business. In weeks prior to starting this blog I found myself saying “if I only knew then what I know now”.

I started this blog with a 90 Day Blog Challenge, in which I sort of started over, with a fresh perspective and a focus on one business model.  This was different from my past pursuits, which included jumping from course to course and method to method.  My 90 Day Blog Challenge will give you an inside look at the actions I took and results I got from following the teachings of Alex Jeffreys.

I tested out traffic generation methods,  listbuilding methods, created two giveaway products, and so on. You will get to see what worked for me and what didn’t.

Since the 90 Day Challenge, I still post on progress and things I have uncovered that may benefit you.

Amazon FBA

I started selling on Amazon ‘on the side’ in the spring of 2015.  When I say on the side, I mean that I didn’t put much time into it, I just tested out a few things that I read about and started to see great results.  So, I put more energy into what was working and by May 2015 I was able to quit my job and go full time.

I will be posting about my current business structure, and what is working for me and what has not.

If you have any questions just email or comment on a specific post.  I always answer :) , as my goal is to build an engaging internet community of folks who are going after the same dream.

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others succeed.”

- Napoleon Hill


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