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Day 1 – Target 1 – Changing Direction Already

OK guys.  Very quick post here, but I said I was going to post today, so here I am :)

I had some technical issues this evening which ate up the time that I had set aside to work tonight.  It happens.

Change of Plans

I did quite a bit of planning and mind-mapping today and I have changed the direction of the first Target.  Yesterday, I mentioned that I would be looking to double my subscribers and increase traffic.  I feel after much consideration and mulling over my Current State I feel that I need to first work on product creation instead.  I need my own product and a proper sales funnel featuring that product set up and ready for traffic before I go after it.

A List-building Product Is On Its Way

I could go after traffic now, and send them to affiliate offers, but I really would rather not prolong product creation to do that.  So, there you have it.  Target 1 will be product creation.  I plan to do two products, a PDF style tutorial and an upsell video version.  The products will be centered around list-building.

Filling in the Gaps

You frequently may hear “It’s in the List” and many products tell you how important a list is, and show you proof, and tell you that you can build one with solo ads.  What I feel is lacking a lot of times is the ‘HOW’.  Real tutorial style ‘HOW-to’ information.  I plan to search out the most common list-building questions out there, as well as, use my own learning experience to find the most important gaps in knowledge that need to be filled.

I’ll Keep You Posted ;)

That’s all I’ve got for now.  I will be updating you on the progress of getting this product created.

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