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Day 10 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Chipping Away

My Subscribers

It’s day 10 and subscribers are still coming in.  I actually just took the time to email the ones who have joined since I sent the last new subscriber email.  Just a thank you and a note to let them know I am not having them join so I can send them tons of ‘Get Rich Quick’ crap.  Also, I figured that as more people start coming in at a quicker pace I would need a follow up to be sent automatically, as I won’t be able to take the time to do it.  So, I set up follow ups for each of my lists on AWeber.


Name for Subscribers?

I’m thinking of a name for my subscribers.  I feel such a kinship with the folks who are signing up because I know what it’s like to be in their shoes, and I feel honored to help lead the way.  I’ve been thinking that the followers of this blog as a group need a name.  Something to band us all together and feel like we are part of a team.  I mean, Band of Badasses is probably taken :) , but seriously does anyone have ideas on this?  I’d love to hear them.  I’m not creative enough to come up with something, but maybe you all can help!


Solo Ads

This. Is. Taking. Forever.  My goodness, I didn’t get any response from the two people I messaged.  The search is still on for a good solo ad seller.  It is Saturday, and I probably won’t get to it until tomorrow, but I do plan to send out some more messages and see what I get.


Press Release is Done

OK, so the press release from my Elance contractor kicked ASS!  Seriously, this guy did a great job.  Very professional.  I did some research today on when the best time to send out the press release will be.  Obviously, it should be during the week.  There were opposing views to that, with some people saying that most press releases go out during the week, mostly on Monday and Tuesday mornings, and that your release could get lost in the mix.  You would have much more competition as far as news, so you may likely get overlooked.  Then others say it would be stupid to submit them over the weekend because reporters are not working and it is not very likely to get picked up.

I’m going to go for Wednesday.  It’s during the week, but not quite as busy.  I’m going to release it very early, probably around 7:00AM central standard time.  I’ll report the results.


So, do you have any ideas for a name for subscribers?

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2 Responses to “Day 10 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Chipping Away”

  1. Susan Velez says:

    Hi Stacy,

    I am anxiously awaiting to see how your solo ad goes. This is something that I plan on doing. I have never used this method…although I have heard a read a lot of success stories about them.

    Looking forward to seeing your results from it. Keep up the great work, you seem to be plugging along. I have total faith that you will reach your goals.

    • Stacy says:


      Thanks! Hopefully I will have some results by next week. I will definitely be posting about the experience, good or bad so we should all learn something!


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