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Day 11 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Solos Started

Subscribers are still coming in:

23 subs

It’s time to kick this up a notch.  I’ve got the press release which I’m going to send out Wednesday morning, and I finally got someone to respond to my solo ad questions, so I bought 25 clicks to test out the seller and my email swipe.


The Email Swipe

For the email that I used for my first solo ad venture, I went straight to my own inbox and sorted and analyzed the subject lines that caught my eye and made me click on the email.  Then I went through those and got ideas from the ones that prompted me to at least read past the first paragraph.  Then I looked at the wording of those that prompted me to actually click the link.

I put all of that together and sent it to the solo provider.  When I get results I will discuss more details of the swipe, I’ll include a screenshot so you can see the actual verbiage, and we can discuss it then.  The ad is supposed to be emailed within the next 4 days.  I’ll keep you posted.


Analyzing What Works

Rather than go buy some how-to guide on solos, email swipes, or managing your email list, you can really gather a ton of information by subscribing to the lists of a few big bloggers in your niche.  For me, that would be folks like John Chow, Viperchill, Neil Patel and so on.

A word of advice on this one, create a separate gmail account for this purpose.  You definitely don’t want all of these emails coming to your main email and distracting you.  This is for the purpose of studying what works for those who have achieved success.  When you go to this account, you will be able to sort by sender and see:

  • The frequency with which they send you emails
  • What day of the week and time of day they send them
  • What kind of messages are sent – are they simply connecting with you, is there an affiliate product for sale, are they offering their own product for sale?
  • How do they word their subject lines and messages

You get the point.  What better way to find what works than to observe and analyze what is working for the top dogs in your industry?


Forum Posting and Blog Commenting

I spent a considerable amount of time networking today.  I am looking for quality connections, not high numbers of posts/comments.  I’m making some good connections so I feel like the time spent here is worth it.


Upcoming Tasks on the Agenda

  • Guest Posts
  • Facebook Ads

I’m still looking into getting a guest post on a highly visible blog in my niche, and venturing into Facebook ads.  These things have not had as high of a priority with my time as the solo ads and press release, but I have not forgotten them.

Once I get the hang of testing solo ads I will be able to focus more attention on these tasks.


Results Within the Next Week

Up to this point, I am doing a lot of talking about what I am doing and trying, and the results that I have been able to post so far are one sale and a slowly growing subscriber list.

I think within the week I should see some results from the solo ads, the email distributions to ListJoe, the press release, and the traffic coming in from forums and blogs I have been commenting on.


Sunday Evening with the Mentor

I got an email from Alex earlier saying that he had a new webinar available so I’ll be spending my Sunday evening watching and getting recharged.


How do you recharge and refocus?

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4 Responses to “Day 11 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Solos Started”

  1. Julia says:

    I hate to sound totally out of it, but what are solo ads? Thanks! Is it somewhere in your blog I didn’t see it. congrats on your recent results!

    • Stacy says:


      You are not out of it at all, I only learned of solos a few months ago when I started getting into list building. A solo ad is basically a deal between two marketers, one with a list and one who wants to market their free report/product to that list in order to try to capture their own subscribers.

      For a fee, the marketer with the list sends an email on behalf of the marketer with the free product. The terms are usually something like $35 for 100 clicks. That means 100 people will click the URL in the email and see the sales/squeeze page for the other marketer’s free report. Now, it’s up to that squeeze page to convert those clicks to subscribers.

      It’s basically a paid traffic method to get targeted traffic to your squeeze page and hopefully convert that traffic into subscribers.

      I’m glad you asked because I have been thinking about doing wikipedia style FAQ pages about the terms and methods that I feel need more explanation. Moving that closer to the top of my to-do list :)

      If you still have questions please feel free to ask. I love the dialogue.

      • Julia says:

        I’m catching up on your blog and watched the video from save swaps–boy, that guy is pretty smooth :) –and read your reply so I think I get this solo ad thing. I have gotten those from a few of the lists I’m on. some I liked, others not. If they are not well written they can seem spammy it seems.

        • Stacy says:


          Yes he is pretty smooth! He explained solo ads in a way that I could understand when I was trying to figure it all out. For those that may wonder what video we are talking about you can find it on Day 4 – Blog Challenge.

          The emails can easily come across as spammy and the folks on the lists of solo ad providers are probably spammed ALL the time. So, they are much more guarded about these types of emails. The goal is to find a great solo provider who doesn’t throw everything under the kitchen sink at his/her list, but is instead picky with what gets promoted to them. The work is in finding those suppliers, and in crafting your promotion and message.


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