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Day 11 – Target 1 – Mapping Out a Membership Site

membership siteIt has been a few days since I last posted, and I haven’t really given you guys an in depth plan of attack, so to speak, in regards to what I plan to do with this first – Target 1 – Product Creation.  The reason for that is that I have been super busy with my day job and family life and have not had a lot of time to dedicate to my business.  This is one of my major obstacles, and something I am working hard to overcome.  The main thing that I try to to is be as productive as possible with the time I do carve out.

The Niche Sites

So, I do have a slight confession to make to you guys.  What I said above is true, I have been busy, but when I did get a few hours to spend on my business I worked on three small niche sites.  I had a few older sites that I wanted to revive, and I had a niche in mind that I wanted to get a small site started on, so I did.  It did sidetrack me from creating my product , but I chose to do it anyway.  I won’t spend too much time on these sites, but I did want to get them started and do some testing kind of in the background of my priority project, which is Target 1- Product Creation.

I won’t be doing live case studies on these sites as I go, but I am taking notes and screen shots of things that I am doing and what results follow.  If I get some results that I think would benefit you guys, then I will definitely post about it, but in another category of the blog.

Enough about the sidetrack stuff!

The Membership Site

So, I mentioned on Day 3 that I wanted to house my first product on a membership site.  There are several reasons that I want to do this, with one being that I want to be able to have a forum to support the product, and any future products.  I think it is so beneficial when I buy a course or tutorial to have a peer group who is learning the same thing.  People can bounce ideas off of each other, offer guidance and support and it adds so much to the product and the learning experience in general.  It’s very much like a course in school where you have classmates to ask questions about lessons or at least be able to discuss things with so that you know you are on track.

A Committed Group

I also like the idea of a committed group of individuals who are seeking similar goals, and due to buying the product or paying for membership to the forum, they have invested in this closed community.  Unlike a public forum, where you are open to spammers and people in there just to drop links with no vested interest in the group.

I want to be able to provide products in one central place, and have a supporting forum of people who are invested in their learning and advancement and in the group itself.

A Major Investment on My Part

Building and maintaining a membership site and forum will be a major investment of my time and money.  I think, if done right, the benefits will outweigh the costs.  I have been part of some really good membership sites and some really crappy ones.  Even the good ones sometimes left me feeling like “it would be better if it had…”. So, I would like to try my hand at creating one and see just how beneficial I can make it for members.

Mindmapping is In Full Force

I envision an incredible group of people learning, contributing and advancing toward their goals.  I also envision me and some of my peers who will be moderators helping the group by offering insight and answering questions that will remove roadblocks and help people overcome obstacles.

Some of the things I am tossing around:

  • Product area – where you have access to whichever products you have bought
  • Multi-level forum – various membership levels, including a free basic level that supports the products
  • Having ‘Office Hours’ – where I am available for chat
  • Monthly Seminars/Webinars on hot topics
  • Q & A Videos
  • Running events and challenges – with rewards and prizes

I am not going to leap into this blindly.  I’m gathering up as much info as I can on the pros and cons of membership sites in general, and what it will take to provide each of the above bullets.  The last thing I want to do is bite off more than I can chew, leaving members feeling slighted.  I want to deliver MORE than is expected.

What About Product Creation?  Isn’t That the Target?

Yes!  I mention the membership site and what I want it to entail because I am working on my Vision – what do I want my business to look like.  In the end, I want to create products that I can house on a membership site.  So as I work to get the product created, I wanted to understand how it would be delivered, accessed and supported.  I mind-map this out so I can see the big picture.

However, having said all of that, the obstacles that I tackle in this first 30 day Target will be ones that stand in the way of me getting the product CREATED.  Therefore, I will be mind-mapping the product as well, and making sure that it is filling the gaps as I mentioned in the Day 1 post.

Action taken over the next 19 days will be working toward having a list building product created.  Today I will be scouring forums and blogs on the topic of listbuilding to make a list of what questions/frustrations pop up the most.  I know which issues I had the hardest time with, and what I did to overcome them.  Now it is time to listen to the audience and hear their issues.  I’ll then take the list and narrow it down to the things that I can provide tutorials for that will provide the most benefit to my audience.

My Work is Cut Out For Me

This is a pretty big endeavor that I am undertaking.  I realize that.  I also realize that I am not going to have a product finished and residing on a bustling membership site by the end of the 30 days I set aside for Target 1 – Product Creation.

The goal is to advance toward that as far as I can, removing the obstacles between where I am today and having a product created.  At the end of the 30 days, I will assess everything I have done, note what I have learned, and set up a new target to keep me advancing toward my Vision.


Lots to do, so I must get to it.

What are your thoughts on having my product on a membership site, complete with a members forum?

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