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Day 12 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Press Release Submitted

Tonight’s post will just be a quick update as I need to get back to work!


Solo Ad Update

So, the solo ad that I bought was a bust, well kind of.  I got a refund.  The seller emailed me back stating that he already promoted my product and that it would not be a good idea to promote it again to his list.  Well, you can imagine my thoughts…”???”  No one else promotes my product.  I just chalked it up to him meaning that he promotes a SIMILAR product and I moved on to the other seller that I had contacted.

I messaged this seller to make sure he didn’t already promote a similar product and he said he did not.  We shall see. I purchased 100 clicks.  His reviews say that he has good opt-in rates.  Again, we shall see.  It is set to run between now and the 30th, I may check back and see if I can nail down a date.


The Press Release

I uploaded the press release to  I sign up for an account and verify my email and phone contact information.  I then had to research a couple of settings and whether or not to add a link.  There has been a lot of buzz lately about links in press releases being a source of penalties from Google.  Apparently, the big G has a disdain for ‘unnatural links’ found in press releases.

I only used one link, and it was a navigational link, like – visit – rather than – awesome blog challenge to make big bucks – as anchor text with a link to my blog.  It should not appear as spam or unnatural this way.


Tasks to Finish Tonight

  1. Send out another email.
  2. I have a couple of emails from subscribers that I am going to reply to
  3. Forum posts and blog comments


That’s it for tonight.  Have you ever used a ‘Safe List’ like

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