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Day 16 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Email Marketing

Personalizing my Email Marketing Campaign

I have been getting direct emails from folks who have come to my site through various traffic sources, but through reading my content have felt that they could contact me for advise or further information.  I have been answering their questions and striking up a dialogue with them.  I have mentioned some of this in previous posts, but I bring it up now because I dedicated quite a bit of time today engaging with some of my readers.

I’m choosing to nurture my list and build relationships with my readers rather than try to gobble up a bunch of subscribers.  I’m going for quality not quantity.  However, I do not want to create an email marketing system that I cannot sustain as it grows.  In other words, I want to be as personal as I can be without having to spend all of my time on emails.  I am working to find that balance.

A great source I came across can be found here at  You can sign up to get some really valuable email marketing information.  You can learn:

  • How to create great subject lines
  • The best time to send emails
  • How to make email marketing work for you

Also, signing up allows me to see the subject lines, email content, frequency, etc. of their email marketing campaign.


Press Release

I had another 4 uniques today.  Either the press release title or content itself wasn’t newsworthy or the timing of the release wasn’t optimal.  This is something that I am going to dig deeper into.  I have heard of this method being a valuable traffic technique, so obviously I need to learn what my mistakes were and correct them.


Guest Post

I still have not figured out where I can get the most bang for my buck here.  It will take some time to craft a good article, so I don’t want to waste time doing it if I’m not going to get the best return from it.  Still working on this one.


The Solo Ad

I emailed the seller and tried to move the date up and he couldn’t do it, so the solo won’t go out until the 30th (Day 26), so I am going to buy another one that can go out next week.  I need some results sooner than 10 days from now.


Still plugging along :)


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