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Day 21 – Target 1 – Time Constraints

Time-Running-OutMany of you that follow this blog are in a situation similar to mine: you want a business that will provide you with financial freedom, but until you get there you are stuck working a job that pays your bills.  The time that you can spend on creating and advancing your business is time that you carve out of your personal time, before or after your job.

I begin this post with this because I know that many of you will relate to the time constraints that I have endured, and continue to endure through Target 1.  There are some new projects going on at my job that have required me to work longer hours, and simultaneously there are some things happening in my personal life that don’t allow me to take much time out for working on this business.

I am working to resolve the time constraints placed upon me, as I type this at 5:13A.M., so this should be a great learning experience for me in productivity and determination.  I got up at 4:00A.M. this morning because that’s the only way I could squeeze in and hour and a half today.  That’s a good start, right???

So Where Am I With Target 1?

I am still in the outline phase.  I didn’t make any progress last week.  I am still planning to create a list building product, but I just didn’t make much progress with it in the last 7-9 days.  Target 1 is almost over, and I haven’t really moved forward enough with my product.  I think for my next 30 day Target, I am going to focus on something else.  I know, I keep switching gears.  I told you in the beginning that this would be a live case study, and it is!  Struggles and all.

I will still be working on the list building product in the background, but it won’t be my focus.  Instead, I have several tutorials that I have been wanting to put up here on the blog, both video and article style.

I have learned a lot of little tips and tricks, and I keep seeing these little issues take people hours to resolve and I remember the frustration of working through some of those things.

My Blog Needs to be More of a Resource

I have this knowledge, and rather than just post about where I am in my journey to financial freedom, and what I am going to do to get there, I feel like it is time to create some real value here, in the way of “How-to” style resources.  That will be my where my time is focused on these next 30 days.

What About A List Building Resource?

Going back to the list building product I have been talking about for weeks.  I have purchased courses from some very well known ‘gurus’ on email marketing, and they do a great job of showing you the money that can be made with a list.  They may show the basic structure of a sales funnel and talk about getting an autoresponder.

What I noticed though, is that they often lack the details that I require to really understand what I need to do.  I end up researching all of the details, spending hours on figuring things out and trial and error testing.  Having to do this becomes a bit frustrating and even demotivating because it ends up stretching out and consuming so much valuable time.

I took notes along the way, as I figured out how to write an email swipe, subject line, create a squeeze page, split test, write an autoresponder series, figure out exactly what I needed to say and how often to send emails, etc.  I started thinking that it would be awesome if someone had a product that could show all of those details and save me the countless hours of researching and just trying to figure it all out on my own.  Then I thought, I could create such a product.  I got started with an outline of what I want to teach, but as I mention above I have not had the time I needed to dedicate to product creation.

Don’t Wait on Me

I know several of you have emailed me questions about list building, and there have been some comments here on the blog, as far as, things that you would want in a list building product.

I do not want you all to wait on meNot that you would ;) , I’m just stating that if you find a trustworthy list building resource, go for it.  It occurred to me the over the weekend, that I had bought an incredible list building product a few months back that answered many of my questions and provided excellent tutorial style videos, pdfs, squeeze page templates and samples of emails swipes and subject lines.

When I bought it I remember thinking “this is exactly the kind of thing I would do” and it taught me a lot.  Although I would love to whip together a product like this, and put my spin on things and add all of the details that I have uncovered, I know I am not even close to completing something like that.

If you want to know more about it, I posted about it here: List Building Freedom.

Or, you can go straight to List Building Freedom to see a video presentation.

In the Mean Time

I’ll keep working hard :)   I’ll keep you in the loop!

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