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Day 23 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Safe Lists

Greetings everyone -

I wanted to address the frequency of my blog posts.  Initially, I was posting everyday with what tasks I was doing and what tasks are next on the agenda.  At this point, its ‘in the trenches’ time.  I may not update every single day, but I’ll catch up with what I have been doing and any results I have so far.

Safe Lists –

What Are They?

A ‘safe list’ is basically a list of members from a site like who are willing to receive emails from other ListJoe members.  There are variations on the membership, but the sites that I have used –,, and are all credit based.  Members receive emails from other members and gain credits when they open the email and stay on the landing page for more than a designated number of seconds (for ListJoe it’s 9 seconds).  The emails are sent through the membership site, like ListJoe, you don’t get to add them to your subscriber list on Aweber or whatever email management system you have.


What is the Benefit of Using Them?

When I first researched safe lists I found roughly 50% of the feedback was in opposition of them, and 50% was in favor of them.  I find this with most products and methods I research actually, some people love it some say it’s garbage.  So then what are you to do?  Test it out for yourself, especially if you can do it for free.

From what I can tell, the benefit of using a safe list is that you can reach a ton of people for free and see if it works for your site/product/list building technique.  It does not take a lot of work to join and get a swipe out.  It takes minutes.  So, would you take a few minutes of your time to see how your email swipe converts to several thousand people?  I would, and I did.


Safe List Results

I joined ListJoe a couple of weeks ago.  I have sent out 4 broadcasts totaling 9,000 emails.  Out of that I had 242 clicks.  That is a 2.6% conversion.  That may sound low, but 3% is what the safe list sites say to expect.  I’ll be honest, I’m not mad at getting 242 sets of eyes on my site, for free.  Once there, it’s my job to interest them, give them value, and convert them to subscribers.
Are They Worth It?

For now, I say yes.  My site is so young that I welcome any traffic.  To me, these types of lists are made of marketers who want to spread their own email campaign and who better to be the receiver of my emails than those in IM just like me?

I joined and as well.  In combination with I will be able to send out 12,000 emails a month free.  At 3% I should see 360 visitors a month coming to my site from this method.

I will test this out for a while and of course I’ll post the results.


Regaining Focus

As things began to take off with my site I started to drift around a little and move away from the organized structured goals and plans.  I had an hour and a half webinar with Alex today and it helped bring me back into focus.  It’s amazing how having the best intentions to be methodical doesn’t mean that you will habitually stay on task.  You have to work at it, and it helps to be reminded.


Have you ever used a safe list?  Was it worth it to your business?

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