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Day 26 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Stolen Content

Somebody Did What?

Today I get an email that someone had mentioned me in a tweet.  ‘Cool!’ I thought.  I checked it out, and the ——ing ——– had tweeted the download page for my Free report.  There was my download link for any of his followers to grab without subscribing to my list.

I knew this type of thing could happen, but the measures that I had looked into to protect my download link seemed to make it harder for my subscribers.  It just seemed to take a simple process and make it complicated.  I will, however, now be putting more thought into it.

The time that I was going to spend tonight blog and forum posting was spent changing my links to my download pages. However, I did something that I feel is both funny and smart if I do say so myself.

I took the URL that the guy tweeted and I redirected the traffic to my Free Report opt-in page.  You can check it out here.  :)   So if any traffic comes to this link, then they can sign up for the report or they can leave disappointed that they didn’t get to steal someone’s content.  I don’t want those type of people hanging here with us anyway.


On a brighter note, solos went out today.  I’ll report the results tomorrow.


Are You Doing Anything to Protect Your Download Link?

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6 Responses to “Day 26 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Stolen Content”

  1. Liz says:

    WHOA I’m sorry that happened but what a genius recon move on your part! Way to go! :)

    • Stacy says:


      You know, I was spitting mad when I saw it. Is that a southern thing, ‘spitting mad’? Anyways, I’m sure you know what I mean. I was well aware of the danger of my download URL being vulnerable, but still the principle behind someone actually trying to give it away for their benefit… It’s theft! And stealing really pisses me off! Once I let the emotion die down, I found myself smiling like the Grinch who stole Christmas because I figured out a way to make his link on Twitter work in my favor.

      I love it when you can turn someones negative energy into something that actually works in for you. ;)


  2. Julia says:

    Hey Stacy, that was a brilliant move. How did you do the redirect? I don’t know why but I’m blanking on how you redirect a URL. This would be a great tactic to utilize if and when someone tries to give away my private download link! I’ve been using WordPress for a few years now, so getting kind of lazy about some of this techie stuff. You do the redirect in your host admin panel? Thanks!

    • Stacy says:


      I didn’t do a redirect I simply edited that page by removing the download link and adding the new content. I put the download link on a new page. I’m the same way with the techie stuff. I am a use-it-or-lose it type person, and if I only do something once a year or at least very infrequently I have to learn it all over again. So, I consider myself somewhat lazy about that stuff as well.

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