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Day 27 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Solo Ad Results

I know what you are thinking…FINALLY!  I have been talking about solos for a few weeks now, and had a bumpy start getting ads ordered successfully.  I did have some solo ads run this week, but there is one problem:  I ran two on the same day.  They both ended up on the calendar on the same day and I didn’t want to change it and delay my solo ad effort any longer.  It was not intentional, and has made rating each seller impossible, but nonetheless I have some results.

Here is where I am currently with subscribers:

oct 1Of those numbers, 90 of today and yesterdays subscribers are from the solo ads.  The reason that there are only 58 total subscribers in the blue box on the right is because they are not sent to the total box until they have confirmed their subscription.

Solo Ad Results

I ordered two 100 click ads.  Here is a breakdown of how many clicks I received and the results:

Total clicks received:  259 (123 from one seller and 136 from another)

Offer I promoted:

Single Opt-In Conversion:  90 – 35%

Double Opt-In Conversion:  13 – 5%

Unsubscribes: 2

These results are to date, and I will update as they change.  The solo was just run two days ago, so subscriptions are still coming in from it.

Next time, I will make sure the ads are run on separate days.


In Process

I am currently working on creating a new free report, and also a paid product.  I am doing some market research right now and I will probably get started on product creation by this Friday – Day 30.  I’ll definitely post about how I conducted the research, selected a product and a timeline for how long the entire process took.

What do you think of the solo ad results, besides the fact that I screwed up running them on the same day?  I was surprised that so many didn’t confirm their subscriptions to get the free report.

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2 Responses to “Day 27 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Solo Ad Results”

  1. Randy Chinn says:

    Hi Stacy,

    Congrats on running the solo ads. In my test, I had about the same results. For solo ads, my understanding is that it’s better to go with single optins, rather than trying to get the double. Since you’re paying for the traffic, it’s better to make it easier to get the people on your list.

    In case your readers want another solo ad comparison, they can look here:


    • Stacy says:


      I think you are right about the single opt ins for solos. What I feared with that method was getting fake email addresses submitted just to get the free report. Then I have all these emails that aren’t subscribers at all. What is your opinion on that?

      Thanks for the feedback!


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