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Day 4 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Establishing a Presence

More Subscribers Joined Last Night

Before I get started telling you about all of the work I did today, I wanted to tell you that I got 2 more subscribers last night.  I know it says 4, but one of those is me. :)   I had to make sure everything was in working order.  Pretty cool considering I had only posted to 2 forums asking for site critiques yesterday.



Establish a Presence

Today I set out to work on my presence in the forums and IM blogs.  I made signatures and completed profiles in several new forums, and joined in on several post conversations.  I did not mention my blog at all.  I’m just getting back out there, and I plan to stay engaged on these blogs and forums from here on out.

I actually made a list in Excel of all of the blogs and forums so I will be able to keep everything organized.  I called it Operation Establish Presence.

Organizational Tool Research

I have heard of a tool that some of the folks in one of my forums are using to keep their social media presence organized.  It’s called BuzzBundle.  I am all for saving time, I’m just not sure I’m ready for this yet.  I’ll only have my own Twitter, Facebook, and Google+  accounts to deal with.  This tool could probably help with that, but it seems like if someone were going to have multiple accounts under different names or persona or something it would really be a benefit.  For now, I will juggle my own.  If it gets to be too much, I’ll check it out again.


More Site and Graphics Tweaking

I received some fantastic feedback from the site critique post in one of my forum.  I’m so glad some of my peers offered constructive criticism because I think my site is better because of their suggestions.  I spent some time working on changing some graphics, and changing the squeeze page for my Free WordPress Set-Up Report.  What do you think?


Solo Ads

I also researched solo ads.  I looked at the Warrior Forum and also watched a couple of Youtube videos.  I found this one really helpful because honestly I didn’t know all of the details involved and it helped to see it and get some ideas on how I could write the ad and where to go to get solo ads.

I will be purchasing solo ads this week.  I will let you guys know the details and of course the results.



I also created a bookmark for my site on SocialADR.  If anyone wants more info on that or thinks it would be beneficial for me to do a detailed tutorial about it let me know, otherwise I’ll spend my time on other stuff.  Basically, if you don’t know what it is, it is a social media service where you can purchase credits and people will share the social bookmark you create about your site.

It used to do a decent job of getting some buzz and activity around your site, but I haven’t used it in a while.  Will let you know how it goes.


Almost Calling It a Day

Well, I think that is it for the day.  I’ll probably check through the forums one more time and see there is anything I can answer or provide feedback or something.  Then, I’m winding it down.  It was a beautiful weekend, and I spent the entire weekend inside working.  It’s crunch time!




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2 Responses to “Day 4 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Establishing a Presence”

  1. Geoff Todd says:

    I think it’s a great idea to make an excel spreadsheet with all the blogs and forums you will be active on. I did this a while back when I was building backings to a few of my sites. I created a big list in excel, marked some details about each blog, and notes to myself. it helped out a bunch. I also added the blogs to my RSS so I could always know when there there new posts to comment on.

    • Stacy says:


      Excellent idea about the RSS feeds. I have already wondered if there was a better way to keep up with the blogs. I honestly never really messes with RSS feeds, but that is a great idea. I’ll look into it.



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