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Day 46 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Split Testing

I’m getting back into the swing of things guys.  I have done a ton of research on what my free and paid products need to be.  I have designed an experiment that will run for the next two weeks that will help me figure out a couple of things regarding squeeze page design and conversion rates.


A/B Testing

I got some feedback on my squeeze page for my Ultimate WordPress Set-Up report, and after doing the research on squeeze pages recently I decided to redesign it and test headlines.  I know I had said that I was going to move on to another topic for my next free report, and I am, but I still see some value in this one, and this testing will help me with my next report ;)


Let Google Analytics Do the Work

I am split testing headlines using Google Analytics.  This way, I can let GA do the work of funneling traffic to each page and identifying the conversion rate of each.  I will use solo ads for the traffic coming to these squeeze pages and I will use a sample size of 300.  To further break it down, I will use 3 different solos in the two week test period, sending 100 clicks each to the test.  That way I can track if the test results are repeatable.

There is an excellent article on how to set up an A/B split test with GA on titled How to Do A/B Split Testing in WordPress Using Google Analytics.


Change Only One Thing at a Time When Testing

I have created a new squeeze page removing the header and other distractions that I had on my previous page.  See the old page and new page below.

Old Page

original squeeze

The issue with this page is…well, it sucks.  I needed to lose the header, and the actual fields to fill out the name and email info were below the fold.  The picture was a distraction, and there are too many bullet points.  Just bad design all around.  I just needed to get something up and going, and I didn’t know how to upload a page with a different theme than the one the rest of my site used.  In other words, I did the best I could with what I had.  Now, it’s time to improve!

New Squeeze


Less distractions, more proven converting elements to this page.  It’s clean, to the point and we shall see if it works.  I also removed the ‘Name’ field, making it even easier to get the free report.


New Squeeze Headline Variation


I have only changed the title, nothing else.  This will be my A/B split test to find out which title works best.


The Details on Building the New Squeeze Pages

I got the html template from a friend in the business and used the free NVU html editor to edit it the way I wanted it.  I then had to add a subdomain so that I could add these html pages without messing up my template.  I plan to do a full breakdown on all of this, but right now I am busy making it happen, so tutorials are to come down the road.  If you have any questions on it before I get that info out, feel free to email me directly and I would be glad to help.


Double Opt-In vs Single Opt-In

I have read so many things about this topic that I can’t just take someone’s word for it.  I have to test it out for myself.  I have found about 50% of ‘experts’ feel that single opt-in is the way to go, and of course the other 50% feel that double is the only way.

My concern with single opt-in is that people will give fake email addresses just to get the free report.  I’m still trying to work out just how detrimental that could be, or if it won’t really make an impact.  The only way for me to know is to test it out.  So, that is what I am doing.  This 2 week test of the above squeeze pages will be a single opt-in.  I have the single opt-in results from my prior solos so I will be able to compare.


Signing off for now, I must get back to work!


What Are Your Thoughts on Single vs Double Opt-ins?

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