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Day 5 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Press Release Ordered

It’s a Monday.  Mondays are HARD.  The day job takes its toll on me on Mondays, and that makes it hard to have the energy to work on my business.  BUT, I must press on.  After all, the days are counting down.

Press Releases

Tonight I looked into creating a press release, and quickly decided to outsource it.  I ordered a Fiverr gig for this one.  If the guy does a good job, I’ll post his gig link up here.  It’s always hard to tell what you might get for 5 bucks, but then again, you only have to pay 5 bucks to find out.  If it’s good, and I have had pretty good experiences with Fiverr, then I only paid 5 bucks for it.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

I also researched which press release package I want to buy.  You can see the packages here.  I’m having a hard time deciding, as I want really want to spread the word, but I also want to stick to a budget.  I’m going back and forth over three packages:  the Basic, Standard and Advanced.  These are $99, $159, and $259 respectively.  The Advanced package for $259 seems like a real way to get some visibility, BUT it is also expensive.  So, I am going to give myself until I get the press release back to decide which one I’m going to use.


I got another subscriber today.  Again, I am sort of slowly getting back into the forums, blogs and social media groups.  I’m not trying to jump in there and give the wrong impression, ‘Hey look at me look at me!  Buy my product!”  Not the way I work.

I emailed each subscriber tonight.  No broadcast email.  I took the time to say thanks and let them know that I intend to help them advance their business.  And I do.


I checked on my SocialADR shares of the social bookmark I created yesterday.  It has been shared 47 times.  Pretty good.  I intend to set up a bookmark for my Facebook Fan page this week, and start getting some shares of that as well.

Ping List

I put an updated Ping list in the Update Services section of the Writing Settings within WordPress.  This helps spread the word about your posts.  You can find an updated Ping list just by googling ‘Updated Ping List’.  Copy and paste that joker into your Update Services section.

Google Analytics

I realized that there was a problem with my script for my Google Analytics tracking code.  I went to my Google Analytics account, copied the script and pasted it into Clickbump in the appropriate field.  Got it working finally.

Analyzing your metrics and KPIs is SO important.  In fact, I noted tonight that I want to create a report on how to set up your site, social media pages, opt-in forms, links, etc for optimal data gathering.  Also, how to analyze that data to help you see what is working and what isn’t, so you can do more of the things that work, and either improve the things that aren’t working well, or drop them from your strategy.  Also within that report I want to discuss split testing, when and why you should do it and how to go about it.  Does this sound like something that would help you?  Comment and let me know. 

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