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Day 54 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – First Results From Split Test

I had some interesting results from the first solo ad purchased for the split test.  Let’s get right to it!  See the results below, and I’ll explain as best I can where I am going to go with the next solo.

I’m up to 125 subscribers at this point.  The three from today are not from the solo, they are from other traffic sources.  The 28 from yesterday are part of the subscribers that came to me through the solo ad.  Just FYI :)

split test

Split Test Experiment Results

I ordered 100 clicks.  Below you will find a breakdown of how many clicks I received, and how the split test turned out.

Total Unique Clicks Received:   132

Original page (A) unique views:   69

Original page (A) conversion:   28  -  40.58%

Variation page (B) unique views:   63

Variation page (B) conversion:   20  -  31.75%


Overall conversion – total opt-ins:   48  -  36.36%


Clicks to offer on Thank You page:   25

Offer conversion (# clicks to offer/total unique views):   18.94%

Sales from offer:   0

Offer conversion:   0%


Summary of Split Test Experiment

You can read more details about why I am doing a split test for my squeeze pages and also see the original page (A) and variation page (B) on Day 46 – Split Testing.  To summarize, I received feedback and did some research on how to improve the conversion rate of my squeeze page.



I built two identical squeeze pages, with the exception of the headline.  I wanted to test the visual difference, and content difference of having a simple headline that conjures up a little emotion (A), and one that is more descriptive and explanatory (B).

I found that the Original page (A) beat the Variation page (B) by 8.83%.  That is pretty significant to me.


Single Opt-in vs Double-Opt-in

This experiment is going to be run as single opt-in, and it definitely beat my previous double opt-in results.  See the conversion rates below:

This experiment (single opt-in):   36.36%

Previous experiment (double opt-in):  5%

Now, it’s worthy of noting that the single opt-in (all opt-ins regardless of confirming) rate was 35%.  So this one was around that same rate.

Warning: The caveat to having a single opt-in is that people will enter fake email addresses to get their download, and then you have these fake addresses taking up room in your subscriber database, and throwing off your conversion and open rates.

I will monitor this list to see how it turns out, and of course will keep you posted.


Clicks to Offer

This time, I put an offer for an affiliate product on my Thank You/Download page.  So, after folks opt-in and get directed to their download, I introduce them to an inexpensive affiliate product.  Now, I purposefully picked a product that I have used, and know it is good stuff.  I know that they are getting a hell of a deal.  The product is something that goes right in line with the freebie that they are downloading and will help them in their business.

I got a pretty decent click through conversion to the offer, with 18.94% of those who saw the Thank You/Download page clicked on the offer.  However, the offer did not convert.  It is supposed to have a conversion of 12-14%, so what that tells me is:

  • The traffic I am sending are freebie seekers who aren’t interested in buying, but are curious as to what the product is about
  • My traffic isn’t really specifically targeted, so it will be hit or miss and I haven’t had enough traffic see the offer to really judge at this point

I will leave this Thank You/Download the same throughout the experiment, so we shall see how this turns out.  The goal is to get a few sales and try to offset some of the expense of the solo ads.


What’s Next?

I need to order another 100 clicks, and this time the headline will be that from the Original page (A) – the one that rendered a 40% conversion.  The one thing I change has yet to be determined.  I need to do some research.  I will let you know.

Once this experiment is done, I would love to have a squeeze page that is converting 45% or higher.  Then it will be a traffic blitz to get as many eyes on that page as possible.  Only 36 more days left in my 90 Day Blog Challenge, and I need to pick up the pace!


What are your thoughts on the results?  Do you have any experience in split testing or have any suggestions on what to change on the squeeze page to increase conversion?

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