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Day 6 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Continuing the Presence

Tonight will be a short update. I still have plenty of work to get done.

Why a Mastermind Group Is Important

I looked over a few blogs from a few folks out of my IM Mastermind group.  As I read through some of their posts I realized that they too had received a lot of the same messages from Alex’s seminars.  Sometimes when a group of people are listening to someone speak, they each take away things that speak to them, things they are ready to receive.

Either Alex’s messages resonated with all of us because we were all ready for a real business, and tired of dead end programs, or he was compelling enough to make us feel that the time is now to break out of our comfort zones and take the action needed to create the businesses that we have envisioned.  I think it may be a little of both of those things, but the cool thing to me is that I’ve got these folks going through the same thing I am, working hard to make their vision into reality, we’ve learned from the same mentor, and we are all taking action to advance not just our businesses, but advance OURSELVES.

This is a huge piece to the puzzle that I believe many out there are missing.  You must surround yourself with people who are more successful than you, or who are fighting to be as successful as you want to be.  It’s not just about joining a group, join the right group.  Be around people who will cause you to push yourself further than you would ever be able to alone, people that will hold you accountable for what you said you would do, and people who want to see you succeed.

Your family and friends outside of IM might ask you how ‘that internet thing’ is working out for you, your mastermind group will ask you how much you advanced your threshold of knowledge this week, they’ll show you how they achieved one of their goals, which validates your efforts and motivates you because even their success is proof to you that it can be done.  Success is contagious among a group like this.  You will be much less likely to feel lost, give up, and if you do get discouraged from time to time you will bounce back much easier with this kind of support.


Continuing the Presence

I killed two birds with one stone with blog commenting.  I got out there and read the latest posts by some blogs that I follow, like Pat Flynn’s  If you haven’t visited Pat’s site, it is a wealth of information, and good stuff.  He’s the real deal and you can learn a tremendous amount for FREE just by reading his blog. So, I read the latest posts and commented on several of them.

I’ve got to get my Facebook Fan page going.  It’s done, I’ve just got to get some momentum behind it and get it out there.  Be seen!


More research on Solo Ads

This is going to be quite the investment, and I don’t want to throw money away.  I still need to research more providers and also the best way to utilize solo ads.  I want to attempt to get the most from it, and not just blow the money.  If anyone has any input on this I would love to hear it.

Have you tried Solo ads?  What was your experience?

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