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Day 60 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Second Solo Results

60 days in, 30 days to go.  Wow, the pressure is definitely on.  In fact, I got up yesterday morning and got straight to work.  I worked until I went to bed last night.  Who came up with this 90 Day Blog Challenge anyway? :)

I have some results from the second solo ad I ran while the A/B Split Test is still running in Google Analytics.  You can see Day 46 – Split Testing and Day 54 – Split Test Results to get the details on the experiment.

See my current subscriber stats below: 


The 4 unsubscribed today are actually from me removing people who had opted in on my sidebar and opted in to receive the free report.  I don’t want them getting 2 emails every time I send something, so I removed them from one list and kept them on the other.

40 subscribers today came from the solo ad, and 8 came through other traffic sources.


Solo Ad Details

In my last post, I said I was going to use the Original page (A) and then make one change other than the headline and have a new Variation page (B) to test.  I didn’t do that.  You see, one thing that I needed to do is see if the results are repeatable.  In other words, run the test again with no changes and see if the results repeat.

Why would I do that?  The solo vendors traffic could have influenced the results.  If I send traffic from another vendor and get the same results, I will know that they are more solid and I can move on with that headline.


Solo Ad Results

I ordered 100 clicks.  You will see how many clicks I received and a breakdown of the results.

Total Unique Clicks Received:   107

Original page (A) unique views:   53

Original page (A) conversion:   24  -  45.28%

Variation page (B) unique views:   54

Variation page (B) conversion:   16  -  29.62%


Overall conversion – total opt-ins:   40  -  37.38%


Clicks to offer on Thank You page:   9

Offer conversion (# clicks to offer/total unique views):   8.41%

Sales from offer:   0

Offer conversion:   0%


Conclusion of Split Test Results

The results repeated with page A beating page B by a long shot.  This reaffirms my conclusion from the last test, that the headline on A converts better.  The only notable difference was how low the conversion rate was for getting people to click on the offer link.  I will definitely be changing out the offer for the next test.  I will have something that closer matches the audience landing on the thank you page.


What’s Next for This Experiment?

I will be cleaning up the bullets and verbiage below the headline on the Original page (A) and using the new version as a Variation page (B) for my next test.  I have the headline that converts at 45%, so let’s see if I can clean up the rest of the page to get closer to 50% or higher.  I will be making those changes and ordering the solo ad for this new test next week.


So, What Else Did I Do With All Those Hours I Put In Yesterday?

Building an Autoresponder Series

I complied some data that I have been collecting for a while on the email marketing behavior of some of the best IMers, in my opinion.  I examined the lists for frequency and content.  Funny thing is, I did all of that analysis, and then went off on my own and basically did my own thing.  Still, it’s good to be aware of what everyone else is doing.  Many of my subscribers are probably on their lists too!

I created a set of autoresponder messages to be submitted to my list at frequency intervals that I selected.  I wanted to do this because I wanted to stay fresh and be remembered by them.  I didn’t want to be on their mind when they subscribed to receive information from me, or when they downloaded a report from me, and then forget me when it took a while for me to get a message to them.   I don’t know about you, but I need as much automation as I can get.  Besides, automation does not mean you have to be disconnected.

I actually tailored each autoresponder series for each list that I have.  Each list is based on how I acquired the subscriber.  The audience for each list is a little different, they are looking for different things and so it’s up to me to realize that, and cater to it.

I basically did 7 emails that were full of helpful tips and guidance on where to go to get even more information.  The thing is, in my niche there is bad information EVERYWHERE, so if I’m not the source of the valuable information at least I can be of some guidance on where to find reputable sources.

I have yet to figure out what I am going to do after those 7 messages.  I think it would be wise to keep going, as long as I am delivering value and not just emailing to email.  That would waste my time and theirs.


New Product on the Horizon

I am mapping out a new product, which I have talked a little about here and there.  I am going to put together a detailed tutorial covering list building.  I’ve seen a ton of reports, products, memberships, etc on this topic, but nothing out there really was “hand holding” or detailed enough.  That’s what I’m going to try to do.  Provide something that will give you realistic expectations about what you can expect, and exactly what tasks to complete and how to complete them.  The things that I include in the product won’t be theory that you can find all over forums and blogs, they will be things that I have done and tested myself.  I’ll keep you updated.


What do you think of me putting together a list building product?  Is there anything on that topic that you want to learn about?  Any questions that I could answer?

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2 Responses to “Day 60 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Second Solo Results”

  1. Hi Stacy I would like to learn about how to write email copy that converts for solo ads please.


    • Stacy says:


      Excellent topic. This was one that I had some issues with in the beginning too. A lot of the training out there tells you to use solo ads to get people to your squeeze page, but they don’t fill in the gaps, as far as, what should your email swipes say.

      I will definitely include a section on this. I am working on product creation right now, and hopefully will have my product done in the next couple of weeks.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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