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Day 67 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – YouTube Video Marketing

So I’m dabbling in YouTube video marketing in an attempt at a ‘Hail Mary’.   I have 23 days left in this challenge, and though I have learned SO MUCH, I have yet to hit my income goal.  Therefore, I was looking for a way to speed things up, as well as, learn about a traffic method that I talked about way back in the beginning of this challenge.

Testing YouTube Video Ranking Methods

I wanted to put to the test some of the video ranking methods that I have been reading about, and I actually have a couple of trustworthy folks in the business that I know who are doing really well with it.

I’m going to take their methods and tweak it to fit my needs, documenting everything I do so I can share it with you, of course. :)

The ultimate goal is to create a YouTube video, get it to rank for specific keywords, and drive traffic to a squeeze page where I will capture subscribers and send them through the sales funnel and pick up some OTO sales as well.

I’m going to do three videos for three sets of keywords.  Hopefully at least one will be a home run.

Ranking Youtube VideosMust. Get. To. Work.

I have tons more work to do to get these videos done.  Scripts need to be written, links, views and social bookmarks ordered, squeeze pages done and coded for Google Analytics tracking and integrated with Aweber.  Also, I have to do a 5-6 page bonus pdf for this list.  I will share it with my current subscribers when I’m done.

In other words, this post will be short and sweet because I have got work to do!

I’m still working on getting the next solo and A/B split test up and running.

Until next time,

Stacy “Working my fingers to the bone” Fleetwood


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