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Day 7 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Engaging

Subscriber list still slowly growing.  :)   I’m up to 7 and I’m super excited about every single one of them.

Staying Engaged

I have done quite a bit of blog commenting tonight.  I take the time to read the posts and add something of value rather than “Great Post.”  You have to think of every instance that you will be seen online as an opportunity to make an impression.


Press Release – Take 2

OK, I got the press release back from Fiverr.  It’s not bad, and I may use it on some sites other than PRWeb, but it doesn’t quite have the pizzaz I was looking for, so this time I went to Elance and found someone with a lot of press release experience.  I am paying $25 this time.  I want this to be taken seriously, and if I’m going to pay over $100 to put this thing out there through PRWeb, the writing better be really good.  It needs to sound professional and create curiosity.


More Solo Ad Research

I built a spreadsheet in Excel so I could plug and play with numbers like list size and conversion percentages so I could get a grasp for how big of a list I’m going to need to hit that $4,000.  I’m going to have to buy some solo ads, test out some email copy and squeeze pages.  I am working on all of that and will report my efforts and the results.  I should be ready to buy the solos by Friday (Day 9).


Signing Out

OK, I know this one is short and sweet, but I must get to work on this research.

What do you think so far?  Would you be doing something else or something different by now?


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2 Responses to “Day 7 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Engaging”

  1. Susan Velez says:

    Hi Stacy,

    I just found your blog and it caught my eye because of you 90 day blog challenge.

    I always like to read about people’s challenges and see what they are doing to create an income online.

    I am also intrigued because you will be doing solo ads. I am interested in doing that, but have put that off till I get my product finished.

    I have read of some people having huge success with this method. I will definitely be visiting your site to see how it goes with your first solo ad.

    Be sure to share your experience as I would love to read about it. I hope you have a great day.

    • Stacy says:


      Thanks for stopping by! The 90 Day Blog Challenge was an idea I had to:

      1) Set an attainable goal, but one that will be a challenge, and hold myself accountable for working hard to get there.

      2) Share with readers the things I try and what results come from my efforts. I’ve never really seen someone do a step by step live case study like this, but when I was more of a ‘newbie’ I always wished that I could see a detailed example of what could be done in a specific amount of time.

      Definitely come back! And ask any question, or even give pointers if you wish :)


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