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Day 74 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Quick Catch Up

The challenge is ALMOST coming to an end, which has me in overdrive taking action and getting things done.  THIS is why I love a challenge like this.  You push, you get creative, you reach outside your comfort zone striving for that lofty goal.

I have a couple of things that I want to catch you guys up on and then I must get back to work!

Second Split Test

On Day 60 I told you that I was going to do another split test using the winning squeeze page from the last split test as the Original, and making one change to come up with a Variation.  I did that, and ordered a 100 click solo ad from a vendor that I had previously used with great results.  This time, I had horrible results.

After the original 100 clicks were sent in, I went to my Google Analytics account to check out the results of the experiment.  My stomach dropped when I saw it.  I had received 123 clicks, and had a total of 19 subscribers for a overall conversion rate of 15.44%.

Terrible ROI

I contacted the solo vendor and explained that I had used the exact same email swipe, squeeze page and offer as before, and in fact have used them with other solo ads and have never had such a low conversion.  He replied that the particular segment of his list the he sent the offer to must not like the offer.  Well, no shit.  He offered to send some more clicks, which I accepted.

Damage Control

He sent 24 more clicks over, and out of that I gained 9 more subscribers.  So, this time I had a conversion of 37.5%

I hesitate to even post these results, but this is a lesson in disappointment and moving on.  So, here they are:

Total Unique Clicks Received:   147

Original page (A) unique views:   57

Original page (A) conversion:   9  -  15.78%

Variation page (B) unique views:   90

Variation page (B) conversion:   19  -  21.11%


Overall conversion – total opt-ins:   28  -  19.04%


Clicks to offer on Thank You page:  5

Offer conversion (# clicks to offer/total unique views):  17.85%

Sales from offer:   0

Offer conversion:   0%



Fool Me Once6

Just because someone has delivered an excellent service to you once does not mean they will repeat that.  The truth here is, this could just be dumb luck.  He could have sent the offer and  this particular segment was just not interested.

However, I feel that to deliver excellent solo ads, someone really needs to know their list and know what each segment may be interested in.  That is how you keep solo ad buyers coming back.  If you don’t think the offer will work, say so. Many of them do just that.  I will not be doing business with this vendor again. 

Variation Wins

Other than that, I did see that the Variation page beat out the Original.  So, cleaning up the bullets and other verbiage is more appealing to viewers.  It seems like the simpler and less wordy you can make a squeeze page the better.  I have challenged myself with creating the most powerful messages with the least amount of words.

I will run another solo ad with these same pages to see if the Variation beats the Original again.


YouTube Video Ranking

Creating the Bonus

I mentioned on Day 67 that I was going to be working on ranking a YouTube video.  I have spent the better part of three days now working on a 20 page pdf bonus report for this video project.  What I am going to do is offer this bonus, the IM Cheat Sheet, to folks who sign up to my list through the link provided in the YouTube video.  I am going to send this bonus to my current list as well, just because I think it is a great resource and they would benefit from it.

 Video Tasks

I wrote the script and outsourced the video to someone on Fiverr.  He did an excellent job and I am pleased.  I uploaded to a YouTube channel, which I made a new account for.  I am going to be trying out some ranking methods that I am not used to doing with sites, so I used a channel different than my own in case it gets banned or something.  Just being cautious.

I got everything linked together as far as the video is up, the link is live to a squeeze page, and a follow up email delivers the bonus.

What’s Next?

I’m working on the linking strategy for getting the video ranked.  I also have two other videos, for two other sets of keywords that I will be doing this exact same thing for.  They will be in the same niche, so I will use the same bonus for them as well, so I won’t have to go create something brand new.  I put A LOT into my free products, so I’d like to be able to utilize them as much as possible.

I’m going to keep working these videos and solo ads all through next week.  I will be keeping you updated.  I’m making a lot of progress in expanding my knowledge and learning things that I had avoided before, like video marketing.

Any of you guys had any success with video marketing?

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6 Responses to “Day 74 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – Quick Catch Up”

  1. Ben Solomon says:

    Hey Stacy,

    Great to see your progress.

    It is a learning and growing experience. But once we get past the growing pains and gain momentum, it’s much easier.

    Great to see your commitment and focus. :)


    • Stacy says:


      Hang around…the best has yet to come! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. One of my best successes with this blog and effort altogether has been the connections that I have made. I’ve met some incredible people and we continue to support each other.


  2. Wayne Rodden says:

    hi stacy,

    Just thought I would pop by and say hi & loving the clean approach to your blog it makes it really easy on the eyes.

    Regarding Solo Adds, I too had some poor luck & ended up spending over $300 only to only get 40 sign ups or optins which are totally stagnated now and non respondent. So I share your frustration, but for me I will never use solo adds again.

    I think congratulations are in order for your 90 day blog challenge, how on earth do you get so much done, would love to know your secret :)

    anyhow great work Stacy.

    ~ Wayne

    • Stacy says:


      Thanks so much. I truly appreciate your feedback! Regarding how I get so much done, I swear by my planning method. I utilize most of Alex Jeffreys‘ planning method, but I strategically set my overall goal to be just out of reach. In other words, it will be a real stretch to achieve it, not impossible, but definitely not an easy thing to hit and check off.

      I find that doing this, and it is actually a strategy I learned from a Toyota manufacturing class, makes you innovative and pushes you to learn. Otherwise, you set attainable goals and take actions you are comfortable with to get you there. With a tougher goal, your search for a solution often involves things you have never tried as you scrounge around trying to figure out how you can possibly attain it. There is much more to it than that, but I am going to do a post on the whole method at some point, so why spoil it here :)

      After I have set that big goal, I use Alex’s planning sheets (daily, monthly, quarterly) and map out what I am going to have to do to get there. Those sheets change as I learn new things, so I am reassessing these weekly.

      I have never advanced so far and so fast with anything before combining these two strategic planning methods. They involve accountability, and you always know what you should be doing. There is never a time that you sit down to work where you have to take the time to figure out what you need to do, which can actually eat up your allotted time to work!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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