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Day 8 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – A Sale!

First Sale!

I wanted to let you guys know that I made my first sale a few days ago.  Why am I just now telling you?  Because I just found out!  I hadn’t really taken the time yet to look at my Clickbank analytics until this morning and that’s when I saw it.  What a motivator!

More Blog Comments and Forum Posts

This will be a constant, so you can probably assume from this point forward that every day will involve some sort of engagement on IM blogs and forums.  It doesn’t just serve to get my name out there, I get to ‘mingle’ with peers and potential customers.  It’s totally like a modern day networking event.  I get to see what my peers are doing, and get an idea of what the current issues and frustrations are of those struggling.  This helps me get a feel for what I can do to help.

Comments on My Blog

I got to read, approve and reply to several comments on my own blog today.  That was super exciting for me.  I love that folks are making their way over here to check out what I’ve got going on.  I’m getting positive feedback on the 90 Day Blog Challenge and that is such a motivator.  I’m so pumped that I get to pave a path to success and have people learn right there with me.  Being this transparent is something I have never done in this business.  I think it just may be one of the major differences that will influence the outcome of my efforts for the better.

Everything Has Changed

I am doing almost everything different with this blog.  I thought it would be important to open up and talk about this.  In the past, with my affiliate and Adsense sites, the sites themselves had no personal connection to me whatsoever.  I did not discuss them in forums much because I didn’t want people to steal my niche ideas.  I didn’t associate myself with them because I didn’t want people to be able to connect me to 30 niche websites.  I felt the need to be hidden.  My forum names and blog comments were either nicknames or keywords.  I was disconnected from my audience, my peers and my sites.

I worried about keywords and how many exact searches they got, I worried about competitors and how many links they had, I worried about Google and their mean black and white animals (Penguin and Panda updates for those of you who did not go through it), I worried about link wheels and getting sandboxed.  The list of worries goes on and on.

So what has changed?  Everything.  I stopped chasing money and started thinking of how I could really help people.  I figured out that the money will come if I can find a way to create value for those whom I have worked to build a working relationship with.  Now, you may say “You have a monetary goal, so you have to be chasing money still.”  To which I will say, my goals and strategies for business include income requirements and projections.  Absolutely.  However, that is not the FOCUS of my business.  My focus is you, my reader, and what I can teach you or help you to achieve.  I know there is value in that.  I know that there can be a win-win, where I move my readers forward in their business, and they move me forward in mine.

I let go of the chase – the fantasy of quick and easy money and the vision of what my business will look like appeared.  I have to give the credit for the epiphany to Alex Jeffreys, because I’ll be honest, I had no idea that I was chasing the money before watching one of his seminars.  I wasn’t trying to scam anyone, or do anything dishonest, so I didn’t see that my focus was on the wrong thing.  I thought my focus was on building a business, but if that were the truth, I would not be jumping from ‘money making’ method to method to method…  I was chasing money, putting more thought into how I could make the most money the fastest than into the needs of my target market.

No More Keywords and Linkbuilding???

I’m not saying that I won’t look at keywords, or where my traffic is coming from; I’m saying that I am not going to focus on what keywords are in my posts, and I’m not going to actively go out and build backlinks for the purpose of SEO.  At least not right now.  My time will be spent getting traffic from engaging with my audience and peers in blogs and forums, social media, solo ads and maybe some banner ads.  I’m going to work those angles, and I’m going to tell you what I try, and what result I get.  It’s really that simple.  Plan, take action, report on what I’ve done and what resulted from it.

I’m curious what you think about that. 

Do you think I’ll be kicking myself for not worrying more about things like keywords and links?


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