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Day 81 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – My First Video Created

First, I want to take a minute to say, WOW, Day 81!  A little over 81 days ago I set a big goal, bought a domain name and hosting, uploaded WordPress and set out to take action, learn and make some money.  So far, I have learned a HELL of a lot.  I have 205 subscribers, and I remember when I had 0 and 200 seemed so far away.  I haven’t hit the monetary goal, but there are 9 days left ;)

Now onto the ‘catch-up’ for the week.

Solo Ad

So, I was still sour over the last solo ad, and I have yet to order the next one.  I need to get it ordered so it will run on Monday or Tuesday.  Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the US and I will be traveling through the holiday.

YouTube Video Ranking

Well, it seems that it is difficult to find a tool that will show you where your YouTube video ranks in Google.  I am not interested in buying anything, but checking manually to see if the video I posted last week has been indexed and where it ranks is taking up too much time.

I did buy some links and social bookmarks.  I will probably buy some more Monday (Day 82) or Tuesday (Day 83).  This one is totally a learning experience.

Video Creation and Ranking

I have been doing a lot of research and learning in this area as I want to get several videos out and ranked.  First, I did some keyword research with a couple of different tools.  I’ve used Google Keyword Planner and a trial version of LongTailPro. I’m not really sure yet if LongTailPro is worth it, the additional keywords and info are nice, but I try to use as many free tools as possible so I’m trying now to decide if I can live without it.

Keyword Research for Video Ranking

So basically, just like with ranking an article I looked for long tail keywords that had somewhat decent search numbers and low numbers of competition in Google’s rankings.  I have been working on picking out 5 longtail keyword phrases that relate to the following general categories:

  1. Making Money Online
  2. Creating a Website
  3. WordPress for Beginners
  4. Monetizing a Website
  5. Promoting a Website

I will be creating articles here on the blog on those topics, in tutorial style, and I’ll embed the videos in those tutorials and also work to have them rank on their own.

Test Video Done

I downloaded CamStudio, a free video recording software.  I played around and watched a few tutorials trying to figure it out.  Basically, you can record what is happening on your desktop, for example a PowerPoint slideshow or you can walk someone through an install or anything like that.

I recorded a fun little video just to work my way through the process.  CamStudio does the recording, Windows Movie Maker helps you edit and add music if you would like.

I uploaded it to my YouTube channel, and you can check it out below:


Like I said, not high quality, but the point was just to work with the software and upload process.

Subscribers Got a Free Gift

I also sent out the 21 page IM Cheat Sheet to my subscribers.  If you are a current subscriber and you didn’t get it, check your spam folder.  Make sure you ‘safe list’ me so my stuff doesn’t go to spam!  After all, if you are a subscriber I assume you want to hear from me ;)

If you can’t find it, email me at and I’ll be glad to send it to you…IF you are a subscriber.

If you DID get it, and you want to tell everyone how awesome it is, then please leave a comment below!


That’s it For Tonight

For now, that’s all I’ve got.  I need to get busy with my planning for the week and for tomorrow.  Getting close to the end of this challenge, and I have no intentions of slowing down.  After Day 90, I will still be busting it, I promise!


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4 Responses to “Day 81 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – My First Video Created”

  1. Anthony says:

    Hello Stacy, I am following your Challenge and you are making big steps to succes. The way you are doing your “homework” and the focus you have i like it very much. You are an model for me

  2. Liz says:

    Hi Stacy – I can’t remember if I had commented somewhere else about the IM cheat sheet, but I thought it was really great! I’ve been in the online business since 07 and learned about things I had never heard of before. Thanks so much!

    • Stacy says:


      I appreciate that feedback. I put a lot of time into that product, and I did my best to keep it as entertaining as it is informative. So glad you got something out of it AND took the time to come here and say so! :)

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