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Day 9 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – JV Giveaway

Subscriber List is Still Growing Slowly

Subscribers are growing slowly by the day.  I am excited that it is continuous, even if it’s a trickle right now.



JV Giveaways

OK, so I am attempting my first JV Giveaway.  I found an event called the Giant Internet Giveaway  and uploaded my Free Report on The Ultimate WordPress Site Set-Up.  I then saw that I needed to try to promote this event, and they gave several examples of ‘safe lists’ that I could market the Giveaway to.  I ended up trying out

When I got there and read about how it works (credit based email marketing), I couldn’t figure out why I would want to send traffic to the giveaway rather than just send them straight to my squeeze page.  I’m not sure that it will be worth it, but I did a 2 week trial for $7.  I’ll let you know how it works out.


Solo ads – First Thing’s First

I’ve been reading about solo ads for a while now.  They are nothing new, but in the IM niche they have become pretty popular which means two things:

  1. They are more costly than they used to be
  2. Scams are trying to get their piece of the pie

These things make it worth researching solo ad sellers and the process itself a little further before taking action.  There are a couple of things I have put together for my first solo ad test.

  • First, I’ll buy 100 clicks just to test out the whole process itself.  From the seller I choose, to the swipe and squeeze page I will be testing out different variables until I get the best conversion.
  • Second, I want to use my own swipe, or email message, and if the seller must tweak it so that it makes sense to send it to their list, then I want to be able to see and approve the changes.
  • I’m going to use because of their double blind rating system.
  • I want to know where their traffic comes from and I want to be able to opt-in to the list so I see how the email goes out.  If they can’t provide that, I’m not buying.
  • I have created clone squeeze pages and opt-in forms so that each traffic source has a separate list.  So I can see exactly where my opt-in traffic is coming from.

I have messaged two solo ad sellers and I am waiting to hear back from them.  If they give me the answers I’m looking for, as far as, where their traffic comes from and if I can approve the ad swipe then I’ll pick one and start the testing.


Press Release Update

I should get my press release from the Elance contractor by Sunday.  If that’s the case I’ll have submit it to PRWeb Monday, which will be day 12.


Until Tomorrow

That’s all for now.  It’s Friday night, and I’m done working for the night.

Do you have any thoughts or experiences with Solo ads?


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