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Day 90 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – That’s a Wrap

It is here!  Day 90, and I am sort of in disbelief that this challenge is done.  I am preparing a ‘Challenge Summary’ that I will post very soon detailing all of the things that I learned, the money I invested, approximate hours that I put into it, and where I will go from here.

It’s Not Over!

The 90 Day Challenge itself is over, however my vision for achieving job-ending income is nowhere near over.  In fact, it has strengthened as I gained knowledge and experience through my efforts to hit that goal.

I have not yet hit the monetary goal that I set.  I created that ‘stretch’ goal with the purpose of making me push beyond anything I had done before.  It was not impossible, but it was unlikely that I could hit it in 90 days.  Putting my all into working to make that goal happen did 2 things:

1) I learned what worked and advanced my business

2) I learned what did not work to move me toward that end goal

Knowing what works means that I will invest time and money in those areas.  Knowing what did not work makes me examine why those actions did not produce the intended results.  An unintended outcome doesn’t mean you have failed, it means that you have learned!  The key is to take what you learned and use it to take action to move you forward.  That’s progress.


What’s Next

Within a the next week, you will see the detailed ‘Challenge Summary’ post.  After that post, I will be doing shorter term goals with the ‘vision’ still being to hit $4,000 month after month.  That ‘end goal’ or ‘vision’ as I will refer to it from now on, is still what I am aiming for.   I will be setting some short term goals, which I will call ‘targets’ that I will work toward in 30 day increments.

For example, my first Target will be achieving 1,000 subscribers.  I currently have 202, so I need almost 800 to get there.  I’ll work through a 30 day plan to get there, and I’ll post about it along the way.


Live Case Study

This blog remains a live case study detailing the journey to self-employment and financial freedom.  Stick around, because you will continue to learn WITH me.  I promise you that!

Stay tuned for the Challenge Summary, and keep working smart!

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10 Responses to “Day 90 – 90 Day Blog Challenge – That’s a Wrap”

  1. Luke Corden says:

    Stacy. Wow! 90 days. Done. How bloody quickly does it go!

    You must have developed such a strong skill set in those days. If you can distill that, bottle it and promote it I’m sure you will find many willing readers.

    Great job. Can’t wait to see where you go next.

    • Stacy says:


      It does go quickly believe it or not! Looking back over my notes and plans for my days, weeks, and months I remember being overwhelmed by how much I wanted to get done and learn.

      I’m loving the feeling of progress and I am even more excited to push myself until my goals are reached. Then it’s get new goals!

  2. Liz says:

    Stacy I’ve really enjoyed following your journey as I also learned a LOT just from your experiences, and for that I thank you!
    Your drive, determination and work ethic is inspiring and I look forward to all of your future updates!

    • Stacy says:


      The best is yet to come, and that is very exciting. Thank you for the support. ‘Meeting’ you has been one of the best things to come out of the first phase of this blog/business. I can’t wait to celebrate our successes one day!

  3. Darrin Bentley says:

    Stacy: You have accomplished a HELL of a lot….in a very short period of time! You should be very proud of your accomplishments as you continue your journey.

    I have no doubt you will succeed!

    All the best,

    • Stacy says:


      You are too kind! Thank you for stopping by. Looking back, I have learned SO MUCH in the last 90 days. The most exciting part now is that with increased knowledge and experience I can’t wait to see what the next 90 days will unfold.

      Stay tuned…I’ll be sharing what I learn with all of you!

  4. Anthony says:

    Hello Stacy,
    You are doing great.
    It’s very nice to see how you are growing at the time of 90 days.
    I hope to follow you at your succes story.

    • Stacy says:


      Thank you! I’m still working on the summary of the challenge. Just trying to add some images so it’s not so long and boring ;)

      I’ll send an email out to you guys once I post it.

      Thanks for following along. I can’t wait to see how far this business goes, and I’ll share my knowledge with you guys every step of the way!

  5. Susan Velez says:

    Hi Stacy,

    I’ve been keeping up with your challenge when I do get a chance to come visit your blog. First of all, I can’t believe that 90 days is already up…talk about time flying.

    Congrats on putting yourself out there. Most people would never do that. I don’t think that you failed, I think that you have learned a lot in your challenge.

    I have absolutely no doubt that you will reach your goals. I can’t wait to read your “challenge summary post.” I will also keep checking back to see how your journey is coming along to reach your income goals.

    Thanks for sharing everything with us along the way. I’ll talk to you later.


    • Stacy says:


      It flew by! I consider it failing forward, and I enjoy the learning and the experience of smoothing the edges and ‘becoming’. I don’t mind doing that on a public stage, in fact it makes the experience that much better. I would have never thought that, but the accountability and dancing on the edge of and outside the comfort zone is such a catalyst for learning.

      I am working through the summary. Will post tonight or tomorrow and I’ll email my subscribers to let them know it’s live. I think case studies are a wonderful way to learn through someone else’s hard work and trials. I’m happy to be able to provide that to you guys.

      Thank you for checking back in. I hope all is going well with your business.

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