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Get on the Bike!

For the last few months, I have been buried in market research and product creation.  This is the “hard stuff” I cast aside last year at this time, in order to try to “get my business generating some income with affiliate marketing first.”  I didn’t have time to create a product, I needed to start making money! ;)

Create with purpose.

I used quotes because that was my self-talk from last year at this time.  It is no longer how I think/feel about my business or product creation.  My focus has shifted, and I have NEVER been so productive.

Creating this product has been a real learning experience in many ways.  I have learned so much about market research, and product launches.  Learning from the best – Dan Kennedy, Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, and Jeff Walker.

Reverse engineer the businesses of those you admire.

While those guys are all brilliant at their craft, and I have gleaned a lot from their material, the BEST lessons have come from watching them work – being part of their lists.   I have studied and picked apart their swipes and funnels.

If you are not doing that with top leading marketers that you respect and admire – you SHOULD be.  What they teach is great, but what they DO is even greater.

Get your hands dirty. 

I created this post to deliver this message to you – whatever business model you have chosen, be it niche sites or product creation/list building – DIG IN.  Don’t spend all of your time getting ready to get ready.  Planning and creating task lists are create, but then you need to get in there and start checking off those tasks!  And don’t get caught up in the busy work of checking off the easy ones.  Knock out the hard stuff on the list first.

Fail forward fast!

Think about it like riding a bicycle.  You aren’t going to produce the end result – being able to ride – by reading books about it, watching other people, making a list of things to check (brakes, air pressure in tires), etc.  You will learn by getting on the bike and attempting to ride  – falling – and getting back on every time you fall, until you can ride without falling.

Learn, read, research in order to DO – don’t think of those things as actually DOING.  When you look at your to-do list – ask yourself – is this task going to create value for my customers, or is it just about preparation.

Get on the bike!


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4 Responses to “Get on the Bike!”

  1. Hi Stacy,

    You’re right here and we’ve seen it so often. People want to get it perfect before they put it live, little realising that perfection unseen will get them nothing. It’s far better to get something on show, in a position of attraction, even if it is imperfect, because then people will see it, whether it be a free offer or a $497 course.

    Obviously the content has to be better than good, even if the presentation isn’t fully up to spec. So long as people will learn from the content or have their problems solved, then you will be remembered for that and any spelling mistakes, presentation errors or general untidiness will be forgotten.

    Moral of the tale – Get it out there now. Polish it later if required, but let your public see it.


    Steven Lucas

  2. Dwayne says:


    That is great advice about reverse engineering what those you admire are doing. It may take some time and effort but it is worth it if you truly want to succeed. And always focus on providing value and over-deliver.

  3. Ben Solomon says:

    Hey Stacy,

    Great to see you pushing forward and making things happen.

    I’ve got a couple of products that were created and sitting in my hard drive, due to some of the concerns with – how am I going to do customer support and other such things.

    Anyway, I realised the easiest and path or least resistance was to continue building my marketing and copywriting skills and doing affiliate marketing to hone those skills, while building a list as the way for me.

    Product creation is easy, I found, but putting all the other elements together for a great ‘offer’ was causing me to overthink.

    Looks like you’ve overcome all those blocks and moved forward.

    Inspired by what you’re doing :)

  4. Bren Murphy says:

    Great suggestions here – we need to implement and get into the action – it is too easy to slip into “just a little more research” mode and delay delay delay – I have had some success with a first launch and can now go to my second launch with more confidence.

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