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List Building Freedom

NOTE:  This product seems to have disappeared, which is a real shame, but I didn’t want to delete the post just yet.  Maybe there is an updated version.  If I can find that and check it out for myself I’ll share it with you guys, if not I’ll come back and delete the page. 


When I first set out to build a list because I kept hearing “The money’s in the list!” the training that I had received was really general.  Get an autoresponder, put an opt-in form on your website or squeeze page, drive traffic to it, collect email addresses, sell to them over and over.

Questions, questions, and yep…more questions

I signed up for Aweber, set out to put a form on my sidebar and…boom…the questions started rolling in.

  • Should I ask for name and email or just email?
  • Should I set it up for double or single-opt-in?
  • What colors convert best?

And that was just the beginning of all of my questions…about the form!  The questions continued to roll in as I set up a squeeze page, and then autoresponder series.  I mean, now that I have these email addresses, what do I say to them?!  And how often?!

At first I set out to just figure all of this out on my own, through research and trial and error.  I wanted to avoid buying ANOTHER product, as I felt that it would somehow distract me and I could hear that little voice in the back of my mind saying.. “stay away from the shiny object”.

But, the more time I was taking up researching and testing, the further out I was pushing my success.  I was burning up very valuable time.

I Needed to Bust the Learning Curve and Start Getting Subscribers

During my research I came across a guy, named Mike Hill, who was answering questions in a forum, and his answers gave me some very valuable insight into list building.  He had a signature link promoting a list building report, I clicked it, read the report and had so many ‘aha’ moments that I bought his list building course.

After browsing the video tutorials, I actually emailed Mike and told him what a kickass product he had, and that I couldn’t wait to tell my readers about it.

It wasn’t a ‘Shiny Object”, it was education.  It propelled me forward with list building, and in a matter of days I had accomplished what would have taken me weeks to do on my own.

If you are a beginner to list building, this training will serve as a blueprint for exactly what to do and how to do it.

If you have already tried building a list, but are having trouble with traffic or conversions or both, then you will get some insight into what you might be doing wrong or what additional things you can do to turn things around.

You can find the tutorials here: List Building Freedom (link disabled – see NOTE above post).

****In the video presentation, don’t get lost on the moldy sandwich…I give my word the tutorials really do kick ass!  Mike has filled in many of the gaps that other courses leave out when it comes to list building.  He covers the ‘HOW’ that I keep talking about here on the blog.

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4 Responses to “List Building Freedom”

  1. Steven Lucas says:

    Hi Stacy,

    I agree that you are often left hanging at this vital stage by so many of the free and cheap courses. You are told in vague terms that you should comment on other blogs, participate in forums to leave your signiture but very little beyond that. Maybe someone will mention solo ads or traffic exchanges but with no detail.

    I too look for THE course that will explain what I need in detail. I’ll take a look at your recommendations and hope that they meet my requirements too.

    Thank you,


    Steven Lucas

    • Steven Lucas says:

      Hi Stacey,

      Afraid to say that the site is just a front page with 2 links to legal pages and nothing else. Looks like it just died which might not say much for the course!


      Steven Lucas

      • Stacy says:


        Thanks for the head up on the dead link. It’s a real shame that the course died out, because it was a great help to me! Unfortunately, there are great courses out there that don’t sell well because they don’t appeal to what people want (money for nothing) and actually involve work. Maybe that is what happened here. I don’t know.

        Either way, I guess this page needs to come down.

        Thanks again for the heads up!


    • Stacy says:


      Thanks to your other comment I see that the product URL is not longer working. I am going to try to find out if Mike has updated the course or if he has indeed just taken it down. I hate that, because it really helped me when I felt stuck.

      I’ll follow up if/when I find out anything.

      Thanks again, Steven!


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