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Alex Jeffreys – My Mentor

alex jeffreys

Alex Jeffreys put out a few products and launched a coaching program years ago.  It did not appeal to me then.  Not because I thought it was a scam, or because I didn’t think it was valuable, it was because I was not ready for it.


I Had Shiny Object Syndromehwo to get rich

At that time, I was searching for something turnkey.  I was being DAZZLED by all of these new shiny objects being thrown my way. I cringe when I look back at how much time and money I spent on all of that IM stuff.  I spent a lot of time chasing after the fantasy that I would come across some new method of making money online that would show me ‘the secret‘ that I had been missing and that would make me rich.


Rock Bottom

Fast forward to a few weeks ago.  It had been months since I bought any Internet Marketing product.  I was at rock bottom mentally, drained of my drive and ambition.  Feeling like a failure, I had stepped back for a while to assess my next step.  I was considering whether or not I should quit IM altogether and seek another business route.  I had come to the realization that there was no secret, no easy button, and if I was going to stay in IM I was going to have to build a real business.  In order to do that, I needed a mentor.  A trustworthy one, who had real success, and who was willing to share their methods and not just sell me more crap.


In Comes Alex Jeffreys

In my Inbox one day was a WSO for Marketing With Alex.  The subject line must have been great because I was ignoring most IM emails.  I checked it out, saw how crazy low the price was, and figured it wasn’t a lot to lose to find out if I had found my mentor. I hit the buy button.


Girl On Fire

I started watching the videos and did not want to stop.  I watched hour after hour.  I’ve described it before as connecting the dots, and that is exactly how it felt.  Alex Jeffreys is the real deal.  I joined his IM Mastermind group and I haven’t looked back.  I’m approaching my business in a whole new way.

nothing is impossible


I can’t express how grateful I am to have stumbled upon Alex, his videos, and his IM Mastermind group.  My outlook on my business went from depressed and stalled out to invigorated and booming.  I can’t remember the last time I was this passionate and productive, if I ever have been.

You Will Benefit From Marketing with Alex if You Feel Like You Need:

  • Direction and step by step details on how to grow your business
  • Methods to increase your productivity and focus
  • A strategy for creating a REAL business
  • Support and coaching because you’re tired of going at it alone


Paying It Forward

I highly recommend starting with Marketing With Alex by Alex Jeffreys.  If you get a fraction of the confidence and motivation that I got, you will have gotten out of it much more than you paid for.  I guess I could easily keep Alex and this program to myself for fear of too much competition knowing what I know, but I honestly believe there is room for everyone and my whole business model surrounds helping others achieve success.  Passing this along was a no-brainer.


Click here to learn about Marketing With Alex

-  find out for yourself if his videos and/or coaching may be right for you.


02Important Note:  I take very seriously every recommendation that I make because in doing so I risk my reputation as being credible and trustworthy.  When you associate with something of a lesser value then that is what people think of you.  I’ll only recommend things that have made a real difference in my life or business and I can speak to how I use it or how it has helped me.  Alex Jeffreys gets my recommendation without reservation.

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