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Not So Brief Hiatus!

Wow, so I have been offline for a while now!  It happens.  I think my last post was back in March and I had just gotten married.  My personal life changed a lot, being that I was now a new wife and full-time step-mom.  I was at a place with this business that I was feeling burned out, and so I put things on pause to enjoy my new family life.  I needed a breather from all of this IM stuff!

Now, I didn’t take a breather this whole time ;) .  I have been diligently working.  I have buried myself in marketing materials, even listening to audio books in my sleep!  No rest for the weary!

A reader contacted me recently and told me that he had been following along with my journey and knew that I was on the verge of something great when I disappeared.  I explained that I came out swinging for the fences and burned myself out. I mean, I hit it hard day after day for MONTHS.  I was getting up at 4:00AM putting in hours before work (my 10 hour a day job), and coming home and working until time for bed most nights.

The incredible thing about all of the documentation of my journey is that I get to go back and analyze the failure points and learn from them.  Some are so obvious I can’t even believe it, and some are more subtle.

Anyhow, I just wanted to drop a note for anyone that still comes by so that you know that I am back!  Things are about to change on the blog, and I am so excited about this new direction.  Many of my goals are still the same, this time there is more focus and a higher threshold of knowledge than before.  Like I said, for the past few months I have been immersed in studying marketing, business, success, and personal development.  I realized that having the right mindset is THE KEY to holding together a campaign for success.  I had to get in the right mindset before I get back on the horse, so to speak ;) .

Look to changes to the blog, and look for good stuff to come!  Thanks for sticking with me.


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8 Responses to “Not So Brief Hiatus!”

  1. Geoff says:

    Hi Stacy,
    Glad to see your back. I know it’s difficult to manage life and career and try this IM thing. You just need to keep at it and set small little goals each day. We all need to remember all the “Gurus” didn’t become that way overnight. They have been working at this for years.

  2. Steven Lucas says:

    Hi Stacy,
    Yup. It’s a long old slog from starting to success. I think I’m about at the ‘r’ in starting. Been trying the wrong ways for ages, including the attitude of, ‘it’s a hobby’, which meant that it paid like one. That is… it didn’t. I’m trying to be more organised now but because I have people around me that are hostile to the idea of online money making, I basically have to wait for those few quiet alone moments and then go frenetically at some of the many tasks I need to do. I would outsource but that takes money and it still needs daily monitoring. Something I just can’t do.
    Hope you can keep on with your dream. I am with mine. It will just take a bit longer.

    Steven Lucas

    • Stacy says:


      You are caught in the same situation that many of us in IM find ourselves in, including me. You have to work to find time (I get up at 4:00A.M. just to get some quiet time in my house) and then once you do get time, its a race to try to accomplish MANY things. It’s a hard game to play and it’s hard to stay motivated.

      I have actually been studying and working on how to develop laser sharp focus, effectively manage my time, be as productive as possible in that time, and stay inspired and motivated. You will hear a lot more about that from me in the coming weeks.

      Keep pressing on!


  3. Anthony says:

    Hi Stacy, welcome back. In Holland we say always that you stronger coming back if you are staging a comeback. This promises a lot. By the way, family is the most important thing in your life!

    • Stacy says:

      Anthony my friend, you are very right on both accounts! Every time I “fall down” I always get up stronger. I think you are really going to like what I have got coming down the pipeline. I have learned so much in the last 6 months, I just can’t help but share it.

      Stay tuned! And thanks for stopping by and saying hi.


  4. Ben Solomon says:

    Hey Stacy,

    Great to see you back.

    I personally took a break from blogging as I realised that the guys who are really making it online in various niches aren’t really spending time on blogging (except when really needed).

    Most of them are creating products, testing offers with paid traffic and building funnels based on those tests.

    I can relate to the burn out. I was doing the 4am everyday routine and work till midnight routine for a long time, but have had to take a step back and slow down especially after becoming a dad in February.

    Taking it one step at a time, and building out some affiliate funnels to test offers and sub-niches using ideas I’ve gained from Andre Chaperon’s Tiny Little Businesses.

    I also recently read The Millionaire Fastlane by M J DeMarco and have been reading some awesome process and execution threads on his forum –

    I started on the Gary Halbert 30 Day Copy writing Challenge (I’m blogging updates on my blog) to get better as a marketer, and looking at ways to use these new, more polished skills in my affiliate campaigns.

    All the best, and keep pushing forward.

    • Stacy says:


      I missed this comment somehow. Sorry it took me so long to respond!!

      “Most of them are creating products, testing offers with paid traffic and building funnels based on those tests.” You’ve got it my friend.

      I’m heading over to your blog now to check out your posts on the Gary Halbert 30 Day Copywriting Challenge. That sounds very interesting.


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