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Day 2 – 90 day Blog Challenge – Tweaking and Final Touches

So I had about a half day today (4 hours or so) to work on the site.  I did a lot of tweaking with the layout, I made a few graphics with GIMP, and I wrote a page about my mentor Alex Jeffreys who I will probably write a separate post about in a bit.

Before I start getting out there and really promoting the site, I wanted some substance first.  I wanted some content up to tell people what the site is about and what they can expect from it in the future.  Otherwise, what is the point right?  Why bring people here if there is nothing to speak of that encourages them to come back?

I expect to get everything wrapped up by tomorrow, and I’ll start marketing the site.  I plan to first do some site intros in the forums that I have been a part of.  There are a couple of forums that have site critique sections and that is kind of the attention I want first.  Folks that are out there with like goals and tools to give me constructive criticism.

Once I have utilized any feedback I get, I plan to do a press release on the 90 Day Blog Challenge, use a social media tool such as SocialAdr or Social Mazimizer to get some social buzz going, and use my blog URL in my forum signatures.  That will be the starting point for promotion.  I’m also looking to do some guest posting.  Need to research that some more to find decent blogs that can pull in my target audience.

On another note, I am in the middle of a Resources page where I will list the tools and resources that I am using. I know I will talk about them in the blog, but I figured that I would also have a dedicated page for your reference.

Well, that sums up that plan.  Catch up on all leftover tasks that need to be completed before promotion starts.  Hopefully to be completed by tomorrow.

As always I welcome your feedback.

What do you think about my initial promotion ideas?


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