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WordPress Set-up Tutorial

Installing WordPress is pretty straightforward, but once the installation is complete and you have a blank canvas it can be quite daunting to figure out:

  • where to start
  • what exactly you should focus on
  • what order should you complete certain tasks
  • what mistakes can set you up for catastrophe in the future
  • and many other concerns and worries

The WordPress Set-Up Tutorial is Not Just For Beginners

Even if you are not a beginner having an organized way to set up your site and cover all of your bases without worry of forgetting something or having to remember everything will do nothing but make you more productive.

Setting up your site optimally and securely from the start will save you future headaches and can even keep you from losing everything  (which has happened to me).

What Can You Expect From the Tutorial?

I created a 30 page pdf that walks you through the set up process.  I walk you through everything from general settings to making sure your site is properly backed-up, secure, SEO optimized, and important pages that you need for site launch.

It contains detailed screenshots and leaves no stone unturned.  I include a checklist that I use in my own business to work through the site set up process without leaving anything out.  I also include a sample site organization chart where I include all pertinent site info like host IP address, directory username and password and more.  Keeping this kind of info in one place helps keep you from wasting valuable time hunting for it when you need it.  You’ll know exactly where to go to get it.

It’s Free For My Subscribers

This report is free for my subscribers and you can get it through the link below:

The Ultimate WordPress Site Set-Up and Checklist

I’ve received some great feedback from subscribers on how beneficial it is, so I created this page to make it more visible and accessible to readers who may be searching for a WordPress set-up tutorial.

If the tutorial was beneficial to you, please comment below and let me know!  If you thought it needed to cover something else, let me know that too!

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6 Responses to “WordPress Set-up Tutorial”

  1. Liz says:

    Thank you Stacy for this tutorial!!! I’m incredibly impressed and THRILLED to have this – my brain isn’t technical at all and the way you explain everything immediately clicked with me. It’s literally GOLD and it’s worth WAY more than $27, much less your current price of “free”! I truly can’t thank you enough! :)

    • Stacy says:


      Wow! Thank you for the feedback. I knew that this report would be an introduction to people about who I am, the level of information that I can provide, and the format and method with which I can deliver it. It kind of sets the stage for folks, as far as, what they can expect from me. I put a lot into it and am super stoked to see that you found it useful!

      Again, thanks so much for letting me know.


  2. Love Gift says:

    I so much love tutorial course but normally like it to be as simple as ABC,For example,let say you want to build a website of your own,you start by FIND KEYWORD. Then show its proceduce one by one with a diagram so that it will be easier to do
    Thanks very much for this

    • Stacy says:

      Thanks so much for the feedback! I hear you on keeping it simple. This tutorial takes you from AFTER you have installed WordPress and are ready to get your site properly set up and ready for content.

      What I have been thinking lately is that I need to fill a gap for my readers, and do a simple tutorial on getting started going all the way back to selecting a niche, finding keywords, securing a domain and hosting and installing WordPress. That would take someone up to the point that this Ultimate WordPress Set-Up Report will help them get their site secured, optimized, back-up method in place and ready for content and traffic.

      Again, thank you for your feedback. I’m making notes and working on filling in the gaps :)


  3. paul says:

    Great Blog,
    I look forward to gaining more knowledge from you and Alex. I purchased his system a few months back and have been studying it. Soon, I will have a great system put together to help people achieve their dreams!
    Awesome job and keep it up!

    • Stacy says:

      Thanks, Paul! Creating a real business where you deliver value to customers is the only way to long term success in this Internet Marketing game. Glad you are on board!


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